Chinese Herbal Medicine

As one of the major pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), herbs can be a powerful adjunct to acupuncture care. Chinese herbs are commonly combined in formulas to enhance their therapeutic properties. A patient’s symptoms and signs are matched with the healing effects of various herbal formulations.  Herbs, like many naturally occurring foods, can serve to strengthen one’s constitution and the ability of the body to maintain balance and to fend off ailments. Although Chinese herbs generally work more slowly than chemical-based pharmaceutical drugs, oftentimes the long-term use of herbs is beneficial and rarely causes undesirable side effects, whereas prolonged use of pharmaceuticals may come with unhealthy side effects.

Quality control in the manufacturing process of many herbal supplements sold in the U.S. is a serious issue. If an herbal medication is recommended, Dr. Wu prescribes and utilizes formulations from reputable sources such as Kan Herb Company, a California-based company known for their rigorous quality-control manufacturing process, and one of the few Chinese herbal medicine companies that provides third-party independent testing and Certificates of Analysis for all proprietary formulas and single herb extracts.