Nerve Blocks for Headache 

Many patients with chronic headaches report that their pain typically arises from the back of the head, the base of the skull or from the neck. Frequently the pain extends forward to one or both sides of the scalp, involves the top of the head, the temples, the forehead or the area around the eyes.  Nerve blocks can be helpful to alleviate headache.

The most common type of nerve block are greater occipital nerve blocks, but at times other nerves such as the lesser occipital, auriculotemporal, supraorbital or supratrochlear nerves may be affected as well and may benefit from treatment.

Pain relief can occur rapidly, frequently within minutes of the block(s). For those who experience relief, the duration of the therapeutic response can last days, weeks or even months. For many patients they can prove a more effective means of suppressing headaches than any oral medication without the potential side effects of medications. Nerve blocks can also be extremely effective and work synergistically when performed with Trigger Point Therapy.