Sleep Consultation

Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder in the United States. However, most physicians simply do not have the time to spend with patients to understand the root cause of a patient’s insomnia and instead prescribe a hypnotic (sleeping aid) as a ‘quick–fix’. Unfortunately many prescribed and over-the-counter sleep medications only serve to exacerbate the problem in the long run, and can lead to troubling and unintended consequences such as tolerance and dependence. Patients who are seeking something more than a conventional symptoms-based approach may greatly benefit from a more balanced, integrated and holistic approach to their insomnia. 

Home Sleep Apnea Testing

Problems with excessive daytime sleepiness, poor quality sleep or even insomnia may be signs of sleep apnea. In order to diagnose sleep apnea or certain other sleep disorders, patients undergo a polysomnogram, or sleep study. These were typically administered in a sleep lab, with equipment recording the patient’s physiologic data during sleep. However, with advances in technology, many patients are now able to undergo the test in the comfort of their own home. The test costs a fraction of an in-lab sleep study, and does not come with any of the long waiting periods that can come with an in-lab study. There are a number of home sleep apnea testing devices on the market that vary in cost and in quality. Patients can be confident that Dr. Wu only utilizes the most advanced and accurate type of home sleep apnea testing device available today. 

Home sleep testing is not appropriate for all patients. For those who need an in-lab sleep study, or for those who need CPAP therapy, Dr. Wu will be happy to help make the necessary arrangements.